Theme field

In Coburg, architects and interior designers who are sensible of their social responsibility and who want to focus on human needs with their work, will find a place to broaden their education – for example in the fields of “Human Space” or “Sustainable Architecture”. In addition to that, it is possible to choose creative or technical focuses as well.

The major interior architecture & architectural design shows high practical relevance and qualifies students in particular fields of study ranging from interdisciplinary design processes to future leading positions and freelance work.

The program’s contents cover the following subjects:

What you can expect

Students are supposed to get in touch with different perspectives of design processes in human space. Regarding interior design, different perspectives, ideas of man, and methods of different disciplines are taught.

Issues taken from practical work in the fields of design and planning are included in the lectures. Students learn to apply the design process to complex tasks and problems. They learn how to plan, organize, manage and implement processes of interior design development in interdisciplinary teams.

It is our aim to generate practice-oriented experience in dealing with the process of interior design and its close relation to global interior design. We particularly focus on design processes and their coordination, design management, and sustainability. Computer-aided technical communication, and in particular visualization and virtual modeling, which should always be considering the product’s suitability for production, is an essential prerequisite.