Innovation by Design

Starting Situation

The borders of industrial sectors and technology are getting permeable and bearing multifaceted potential for evolution and innovation. In this world, highly influenced by disruptive changes and digital integration, design becomes a key qualification.

The deprivation of immediacy of action and use as well as the increasing interconnectedness of artifacts and digital services are demanding to include the user as a partner in the development process.

In his whole context, his experiences   and his understanding of values. For he decides spontaneously and finally about the success of a product. Weather an idea is realized as innovation or ends as a misunderstood flop.

Content of Teaching

  • Analysis of the relevant technologies and sectors within the field
  • Constructing personas, mood and context scenarios
  • Deduction of product and living environments
  • as creative initial impulse and commitment for the design process
  • Definition of parameters, product language relevant to the development. Development guide
  • Integrated development of concepts. Comprehensive for industrial sectors and technology.
  • User centered realization

Study Goals

The ability to a comprehensive and critical examination with all parameters relevant to the product and the user, also globally. Especially to design alongside the living environments and cultural believes of potential users, to create noticeable and differentiated design services, which are also perceptible in a possible complexity.

Exceeding of classic limitations of industrial sectors and technologies as initial basis for innovation.