Medical diagnostic system

The medical diagnostic system arthrospec m1 measures the quality of various biological tissue types utilizing near-infrared spectroscopy. The central element of the arthroscopic m1 system is the handpiece with integrated software, which can be used on a freely selectable hardware product. The system can be used in different areas. Arthroscopy, transplantation or tissue examination are possible. The main components, the handpiece and the software, are used cross-system for all areas of application. The user can configure and expand the software package as required by purchasing the various application programs. For optimal differentiation, the various program applications are colour-coded. Thus the user interface of the software adapts to the selected program. Depending on the suitability, the application categories require different, identically colour-coded disposable probes. After selection, the handpiece adapts the corresponding colour code by means of an integrated LED illumination.


Before selecting a specific system application, the user interface appears neutral (logo, etc.). The handpiece is not connected to the system, the LED light band is deactivated. After activating the desired application field, the menu navigation of the user interface is colour-coded to provide an intuitive control to avoid operating errors. Each application receives its own unique colour code. This code is transferred to a handpiece after it has been connected to it. The disposable products, such as probe and REF cap, are colour-coded and must be purchased as required. The main element of the system is the handpiece. It contains all necessary electrical components such as the spectrometer, controller and the LED light source. The handpiece works wirelessly and is connected to a display medium (e.g. Tablet) via WLAN or Bluetooth. The calculation process, which converts the detected spectra into the NIRS value, takes place on the calculation unit (controller) of the handpiece so that in addition to the control (triggering), only the already calculated value needs to be transmitted.

Further advantages

The use of different probes and software allows the handpiece to be used in a wide range of applications. The ergonomic shape allows the cartilage to be reached and palpated through several grip situations. The integrated, invisible touch screen can be operated with the index finger as well as with the thumb.

The simple, dynamic design transfers the value and identifies the handpiece as a medical measuring instrument.