Cleanected – intelligent und clean connected

in cooperation with Alfred Kärcher GmbH

Evolution – From product to system

The thesis was written in cooperation with the company Alfred Kärcher GmbH. It is a solution for cleaning management in the professional sector. The aim was to do justice to an increasingly networked and digital world. Therefore it was less about developing a single product. The goal was to create a user experience where products and services are linked together to make work easier and more efficient.

Cleanected is a system for the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. These are often used in combination with power tools and equipment and serve as an extraction system, e.g. for grinding or sawing. Modern RFID technology enables connected devices and accessories to be identified. From this, a specific usage profile can be created for each device. The settings can be saved, and the performance can be optimized automatically.

Due to the possibility of networking, the vacuum cleaner can also be accessed by mobile devices or via a PC. This allows a smooth integration of technical support and proactive maintenance service. For example, if the filter needs to be replaced soon, the user will receive a message and can reorder it with just a few clicks.

How are the tasks of design changing?

A single product has certain practical and aesthetic functions and the design should meet these. Through technological possibilities, products can now interact with people and other products.

For the design, this means that beyond the physical properties, this interaction must be designed. If one wants to create a user experience, it is necessary to put the user at the centre and create a network of products and services that together satisfy his needs.

System – Network

The system links products and services together. Connected accessories and devices are automatically recognized and the appropriate settings do not have to be adjusted manually.

Via mobile devices or a PC, additional functions can be used and the use of the vacuum cleaner can be monitored. This enables the customer to easily reorder spare parts and accessories. Service technicians and developers can also help remotely in the event of malfunctions and react even before failures occur.