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Design planning of a gastronomy concept

Gastronomy: The trend laboratory for light and architecture
The design of gastronomy interiors is becoming a field of experimentation and a trend laboratory. Whether design and boutique hotels, theme restaurants or experience gastronomy: the gastronomic concept always requires a spatial and scenic framework that supports and communicates the respective theme. More and more landlords, hoteliers and managers of system gastronomy recognise the potential of light and architecture. To exploit this potential by forming light in its interaction with space, time and atmosphere into a coherent scenography.

Enjoying food with good light, good food, drink, stimulating communication and a pleasant atmosphere: These are the decisive factors for the operation and design of restaurants. They define the requirements for the lighting as well: good light on the table for food and drink, the recognisability of the people at the table and the appropriate lighting for the room.

Accent lighting in the catering trade plays and seduces
Lounge bar or starred restaurant, luxurious minimalism or emphasised cosiness: accent and effect lighting bring glamour and life to the catering trade. Accent lighting thrives on different illuminance levels, playing with sharp contrasts and harsh shadows. It varies brightness, and light incidence seduces with colour and form.

Guests who feel comfortable are coming back. Comfort should be the goal of every restaurateur – regardless of the concept. The feel-good factor, however, is closely related to the room acoustic concept. It is standard that the several people in a restaurant room have nothing to do with each other and would like to find an “island situation”. They look, in the middle of the sociability, for a place to talk and enjoy themselves undisturbed. It should be possible to hold conversations without the table neighbours hearing or understanding them. Besides, nobody likes to speak at a volume where your discussion is audible at the other end of the room.

In addition, many everyday restaurant noises, together with background music, can quickly lead to an unpleasant sound backdrop that has little to do with relaxation and well-being. Long reverberation times in the guest room due to reflections on hard surfaces can lead to speech intelligibility suffering and a tiring conversation.

Often the room acoustics in existing buildings have been neglected at first. Here we can retrofit with our various wall and ceiling modules and acoustic curtains and create a good room acoustic climate. We can always combine chic design and functionality while keeping an eye on the budget.