a child’s room that grows with you

Continuous growth is part of healthy child development. Each developmental phase in a child’s life places extraordinary demands on the environment. To meet the requirements, the space must be flexible enough to adapt to the individual developmental stages of the child and at the same time, ensure continuity. To avoid high costs when buying new furniture and to keep beloved pieces of furniture on which many memories hang, a children’s room furnishing that grows with the child would be the best solution for parents and child in the long run.

Content of the Thesis

In her master’s thesis, Kathrin Britting developed a growing children’s room for the Geuther company, from the analysis phase to prototype construction. The children’s room consists of three different pieces of furniture – a wardrobe, a changing table and a cot. These products were designed and implemented to accompany the little ones during their growth and to support the parents in their daily life with the child. Flexus is a flexible nursery that attends the little ones during their growth and grows with the child. At the same time, it also supports the parents in everyday life with the child.

Adaptable furniture

The central core of the room is the cot, a flexible sleeping place that adapts to a child as it grows. At the same time, the bed serves as a safe retreat for the child. For games and explorations, elements are used which promote and challenge the child’s development. Closeness is very important for parents and child, therefore the cot should be able to wander through the rooms with the child. Based on this, a multifunctional changing unit and a wardrobe were designed to accommodate the growing functions. Parents should be able to use and rearrange the furniture in a time-saving way by using functional components.