Premature infant incubator

Butterfly the premature infant incubator

The Butterfly Incubator is a premature infant incubator that primarily supports the needs of parents and promotes parent-child bonding. On the one hand, there is an extra cuddling possibility for the parents to experience an intimate cuddling contact with their child. On the other hand, the incubator enables the professional use of a baby hammock.

The Butterfly Incubator is a master thesis of Anja Langer, which was developed in cooperation with the company Dräger Medical at the University of Coburg in winter term 2012/2013. Innovative features of the new incubator concept are the possibility of parent-child cuddling and the professionally integrated baby hammock. By using the hammock function, parents can cuddle their child without disturbing its peaceful sleep. An intimate parent-child interaction is thus guaranteed and supported. The baby hammock is infinitely adjustable and can be completely retracted when not in use. The hammock function supports the development of the premature baby by providing it with an outer boundary and a body position similar to the womb (Sensory Integration Therapy).

With special recognition Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award