Kita – Within the scope of possibilities


The modular system offers the children ever new changes of perspective and challenges of various kinds. This awakens their curiosity and interest, thus maintaining the intriguing character of “Kombinierah”. Through its modularity and the resulting variable application possibilities, the system gives the users a creative impulse and stimulates their imagination. The high degree of flexibility and changeability enables the children to get involved, design according to their needs and leave their mark.

In “Kombinierah”, functional areas such as movement, perception, rest and retreat, free play or even simple building or seating platforms can be combined and erected again and again in a different form. In this way, the children’s motor skills are supported by many different movements offers in various degrees of difficulty. By using different materials, the children’s perception is stimulated and, above all, the acoustics, the optics and the haptics are supported. In small details, new phenomena can be discovered and explored again and again. Besides, the modularity and the plug-in system supports cognition, and

the social behaviour of the children is encouraged. As they often have to carry, move or attach the boxes or plugs in pairs or groups, the children have to learn to work in a team to achieve goals. They have to talk to each other and find compromises. Develop solution strategies and try out ways together. They are also allowed to make mistakes to learn from them. At the same time, communication is stimulated and improved, both between the children themselves and between the children and the educational staff. Only through active communication and good listening can a play platform landscape be created that is fun for everyone.

Space-saving with fun

In addition, “Kombinierah” can be integrated very well into all types of rooms thanks to its clear design language and restrained colour concept. It blends in unobtrusively and can absorb and calm down a colourful environment, thus preventing sensory overload. Existing play elements can also be combined well with it. The natural choice of materials brings a piece of nature into the interior, radiates warmth and creates a feeling of security. Since the “Kombinierah” system can be assembled and disassembled in a modular fashion, it takes up hardly any space in the room. When assembled, “Kombinierah” offers additional raised playing area on a second level, whereby space below can also be used. When assembled, it provides a lot of free space in the room, which can be used for various purposes depending on the needs. This is the big advantage compared to permanently installed platform landscapes, which usually require a complete corner of the room and are hardly movable. Furthermore, “Kombinierah” offers a low-cost variant to expensive fixed installations with added value and flexibility.

Addition instead of all-round solution

However, the modular system “Kombinierah” clearly cannot replace the general fixed furnishings and furniture in the respective group rooms. Instead, it offers the children too little order and structure due to its great variability. The children need fixed places with fixed structures and functions which do not change and which they can orientate themselves by. Only then do they feel safe and can act freely. They need these points of reference and the design “Kombinierah” cannot give them these, despite its clear form of language. Rather, it is to be seen as an addition in group rooms and can, for example, replace permanently installed standard platforms.