Supermarkt of the future

A concept for real sustainability and modern shopping of tomorrow

The master’s thesis deals with the development of a future-oriented and grandchildren-friendly concept for the design of a “supermarket of the future”. The main focus should be on the consideration of an ecologically compatible form of the economy without completely turning away from technological progress. The highest maxim in this context was to take the broadest possible interdisciplinary approach and to consider a full spectrum of influencing factors and prevailing conditions.

To this end, trade and its functioning were first explained in general terms, and its particularities in the German industrial area were pointed out. Based on one-on-one interviews, literature and research work, a requirement profile was drawn up which companies are already encountering today, but which will above all be relevant in the future. In addition to innovative concepts and functioning enterprises, consumers and their needs for concept development were also taken into account and demographic change was also included in the considerations. Based on qualitative and quantitative research results, consumer wishes were concretized and accumulated.


Since the focus was to maintain the ecological compatibility, packaging and recycling systems were also analysed and examined concerning ecology, economy and additional factors. Finally, three determining megatrends were selected whose effects are considered to be particularly influential and which are therefore of the highest possible importance for our future.

The supermarket of the future will remain a challenging field that differs significantly from the rest of the retail sector due to its sensitive product range. The quality and appreciation of food plays a significant role and must once again become the focus of producers, trading companies and consumers. To create true sustainability and a future fit for grandchildren, everyone must contribute and renounce excessive consumerism. The beginning of this can be made by buying only as much as we need and by orienting ourselves towards the idea of nature’s cycle.