Mercedes-Benz Trucker Life

in Cooperation with Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz Trucker Life for Drivers like You!

The “Trucker Life” concept focuses exclusively on the life balance of truck drivers. With targeted and indirect effects, drivers should be able to move more and thus indirectly experience more appreciation for themselves. Activity and a new awareness of health are the pillars of the concept.

In society, the transport industry is too heavily burdened with the image of overweight drivers. The concept is not the solution to the industry’s core problem, it should be an opportunity and possibility to actively change something about your working environment and the associated quality of life on the road.

Movement for truck drivers

By means of fitness concepts and more mobility for the driver, Oliver Keyerleber tries to change the aspects of integration, activation, appreciation and acceptance among truck drivers. He developed this concept based on the studies and research results of Siegfried Rothe in the field of working and living conditions of truck drivers:

Consisting of an app, which is the central element of the concept, a fitness device has been developed as support and extension. A folding bike from the accessories serves as an illustration of an important function in the app.

The app is designed to offer the rider on the road a better quality of life and more activity. It consists of three themes fields:

  • Mobility
  • Fitness
  • Tips and News

which are intended to provide variety and information in addition to the daily work routine. Bike&Ride is designed to give the rider more mobility on tour. In combination with a folding bike, the rider can arrange his legal breaks and rest periods in a mobile and flexible way.

TopFit+ App Compagnion

The app provides the driver with a selection of different options through a localization function. Possibilities such as swimming pools in the region are displayed for active employment or alternatives for eating out. Also, an important point is the possibility to visit a doctor, on tour, it is often difficult to almost impossible to keep an appointment. Here all surrounding doctors and practices are shown and listed on the map. Also, in case of service questions or technical problems, all adjacent workshops or service partners are shown in a reachable radius.

TopFit aims at the fitness of the drivers and is intended to actively provide preventive care against disease patterns known in the industry. Twenty-six fitness exercises with precise instructions are offered to the driver in the app.

The app also includes a small social network that allows drivers, friends and family to communicate with each other. Every driver can set up a profile and thus link up with acquaintances and colleagues in the trucker community.

Seamless Integration

The TopFit Board+ provides an outlook on the further development stage of the product that will be launched in April. The TopFit Board+ will be fully integrated into the app and its programs and is, therefore, the perfect complement.

The concept of Trucker Life is to be understood as a perspective to show what is possible to actively improve the living and working conditions of truck drivers.