Material – Technology – Innovation


A new approach to innovation, which is the engine of economic and social progress, is fundamental for the focus material & technology. Material & technology deals with all relevant aspects of product design, like form, emotion, function, production, sales, usage, and sustainability.

The focus focuses on these aspects and bundles them into an integrative product development process – the DESIGNPILOT. It is a web-based design innovation methodology that supports designers, creatives, engineers and developers in interdisciplinary development processes. The tool enables an integrated process of design and innovation work. With the DESIGNPILOT a systematic, team-oriented approach and complex problems are possible (LINK:

The focus is on classic consumer products, capital goods, service design as well as solutions from individualized, digital production, the so-called “mass customization”. The digital transformations in technology, economy, culture and society offer the designers opportunities and risks – in the focal point, the connections are worked out.


  • Research and practical experience in handling materials, design and manufacturing processes and their close relation to industrial design
  • Knowledge and experience of technologies of innovative material use
    Practically relevant methods of systematic design & product construction (see
  • Networks as an interface to transdisciplinary institutions, companies and universities for national and international technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Research foci and projects in industrial design (especially design engineering, innovative use of materials, manufacturing processes, product life cycles, recycling)
  • Computer-aided technical communication, in particular, visualisation and virtual modelling, including their implementation for production (CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping)

Study goals

Students get to know how to apply a three-step design process to complex problems and topics. Development processes are planned, organized and implemented in a project-like manner by cross-disciplinary teams. New materials and technologies, sustainable development processes, intercultural and global production and marketing – advanced material & technology design incorporates megatrends of the 21st century and integrates them into new concepts of products.