Basic requirement is a bachelor’s or diploma degree in either a technical or creative branch of interior design, architecture or design or any other field of study that is related to the chief aims of the degree program. Required are at least seven semesters at a German university or an equivalent qualification of an international university, which is to be evaluated by the board of examiners, with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5.

Application period

02. May – 22. June

Qualification test

11. July 2024

First things first

A Short Summary

  • Academic degree is “Master of Arts (M.A.) “
  • The consecutive master’s program is a full time course
  • Duration of the course is three semesters
  • The course only starts in the winter semester (1st October)
  • Final grade of your undergraduate course of study is at least 2.5
  • Please note that the language of instruction is German
  • Knowledge of the German language is basic requirement for foreign students (DSH 2)
  • Students are selected by a practical qualification test and oral examination

International Applicants

The programm at the University of Coburg is offered in the German language. Here are a few questions and answers that may be of interest to you: International Applicants

1. Preparing

  • Free choice of master project and mentor
  • Apply directly to the desired mentor and their thematic fields
  • Joint development of the master’s project topic with the mentor in the first semester in the subject “Master’s Project: Orientation”
  • Alternatively: Possibility to suggest an individual master’s topic
  • To confirm mentoring, please arrange a personal meeting with your chosen mentor in advance by email.
  • To prepare for the interview, please send your portfolio, CV and a letter of motivation to the mentor of your choice by email in advance. In your letter, please also explain why you would like to study your chosen specialisation.
  • We look forward to hearing from you and receiving the documents.

2. Application

In addition to your online application:
• Fill out the registration form
• Create a tabular CV (PDF)
• Letter of motivation (max. 2 A4 pages, PDF)
• Artistic portfolio (up to 15 work samples; PDF with a maximum data size of 20 MB)

Additional to the online application:

  • Fill in the application form
  • CV (printed) with passport photograph
  • letter of motivation
  • artistic portfolio

3. Submit

Send the following documents (as a PDF in a zip folder) by email to:
CONTACT: Coburg University, Master Design, Secretariat, Attn: Ms. Sylvia Matterstock, Am Hofbräuhaus 1, 96406 Coburg

Online application documents
• Registration form (including all documents required on it)
• artistic portfolio
• Motivation letter
• Tabular CV

Application Documents

Motivation essay

The letter of motivation is your individual application in which you explain your personal suitability for a master’s degree in design at Coburg University. You should make clear your reasons for choosing this course of study.

Please answer the following questions in particular during your argument:
• Why are you aiming for a master’s place in the design course at Coburg University?
• What qualifications, interests, talents and practical experience do you bring with you?
• What advantages do you see in the integrative design training offered in Coburg?
• What career aspirations do you have that could be achieved through the Master Design?

In addition to these questions, we would also be happy to receive personal information about your hobbies, volunteer work or other interests that move you.

Scope: two DIN A4 pages

Artistic portfolio

We would also like to review some of your previous creative work. Please submit a PDF file with work samples that contains a maximum of 15 pages and is no larger than 20 MB.

Please note that we will only examine your work samples on a digital screen. Therefore, please optimize your content accordingly. It is not necessary to additionally submit your portfolio in printed form by post as we will not be using printed copies.

Further Application Documents

  • Tabular CV with passport photo (as PDF). The university requires a complete description of your progress up to the application date. Periods of employment and internships must be documented in employment references/contracts; Study periods must be proven through study certificates
  • artistic portfolio (PDF; max. 15 work samples; file size max. 20 MB)
  • and/or list of projects and publications (as PDF)

Selection procedures

The selection procedure consists of a practical test as well as a discussion with the examination committee.
The qualification test will take place on Mid-July. For further information, please refer to the Master Design §3 Study and Examination Regulations


The practical test includes artistic and creative tasks which vary in scope. The tasks deal with basic creative and technical questions, abilities of interdisciplinary communication, thinking in structural, creative and design contexts, and multidimensional design.

Conversation with the examination committee

During the examination interview, you have the opportunity to present your previous work and explain your motivation for pursuing a master’s degree with us. Both artistic and design questions will be asked to explore your understanding and skills in the field of design.

The interview also serves to shed more light on your motives behind your application.


There are no additional fees for the Master’s degree. The study fees include semester work at the Studentenwerk Oberfranken and a semester ticket.

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