Hotel concept with integrated dialysis

Hotel brand re.use

The hotel brand re.use is directly tailored to the needs of dialysis patients and their relatives and enables those affected to take a step back to some normality in everyday life. The consideration of accessibility in all areas of the hotel not only enables dialysis patients but also people with a walking disability to enjoy a relaxed and as independent stay as possible. re.use offers a comfortable and secure ambience with integrated functions. The hotel concept pays attention to blurring the lines between “healthy” and “sick” and combines different aspects in a functional design without categorizing.

The concept provides an incentive to break new ground and also to rethink the design of the existing dialysis centres. The interior design of re.use offers forms of design that arise from necessity and develops them into a positive experience through integration. re.use represents the moral claim that no human being meets the norm and no human being is right or wrong. It is all a question of correctly applied interior design, so that differences are not noticeable and no exclusion takes place. The important conclusion of this work is the fact that every concept can be well thought out, no matter how well it is conceived, if the philosophy of the employees does not match that of the intended concept.

Equality through design

The mentality and professional understanding of each individual is the be-all and end-all of such an institution and can only function together as a team.

“Every person has faults, little quirks, rough edges, but that’s not bad, because that’s exactly what makes a person unique!” – Author unknown

The hotel concept re.use wants to convey exactly this claim. All people are equal, there is no right or wrong. “People with faults” have a story to tell, just like old furniture and are no less charming. The integration of different fringe groups should be taken much more for granted in our modern times.