Theme field

You are seeking to improve living in our society with the help of design? You are interested in recent technologies which make previously unthinkable shapes possible? You are planning to specialize in interface design? – There are a lot of questions to focus on in the major integrated design processes.
We are educating designers who enjoy developing products and concepts that bring our civilization forward.
“What’s the source of good ideas? “One percent inspiration, 99 percent transpiration”
According to Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, this was the secret of his creativity. Indeed, good ideas are the product of systematic work, which is shown in recent creativity research as well. This means for us that innovation can be planned – in a multi-layered process, which is crossdisciplinary and team oriented, just as it is taught at Coburg University.

What you can expect

The major integrated design processes has a modular structure. Thus, it enables students to structure their studies individually.

Creatives, facing this challenge, need more than just creativity. This highly complex task requires a well planned, structured, and systematic approach. At Coburg University you learn to see and implement design as a multi-leveled process.